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World of Speed 1998

Daily reports from the 1998 USFRA World of Speed held September 21st to the 26th.

9/21/98 - Sam and crew depart for the Bonneville Salt Flats.

9/22/98 - Sam and crew set up the streamliner pit. The bike passed tech inspection.

9/23/98 - A drivers meeting was held at 11:00am. The USFRA officials determined that the course was too wet to run on and that runs would start at sunrise the next morning.

9/24/98 - There was rain the night before, runs were postponed. In the afternoon the course was opened. due to water at the 3 mile mark the course was limited to 2 1/4 miles and drivers needed to turn out at 2 3/4 miles. This was to short of a distance to get stopped, so Sam decided not to run.

9/25/98 - More water from rain postponed runs till noon. Due to even more water on the track, the course was shortened to 2 miles with a timing trap of 132 feet. At 12:00 pm Sam and crew headed for the starting line. At 1:00pm the Bike was started using a 50% Alcohol and 50% Nitro fuel mixture. At 1:20pm strong winds picked up and lasted until 4:00pm. At 4:15 Sam decided to run the Motorcycle. The run turned out a speed of 232.138 MPH, a fantastic run for that short of a distance. There was a minimal loss of oil (about 4 Oz.) greatly reduced from Speed Week.

9/26/98 - It rained heavily the night before. There was 1 - 2 1/2 inches of water on the salt, the meet was canceled. Sam and crew packed up and returned home.

Sam Wheeler
Rider, Builder and Designer

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