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Speed Week 1999

Updates from Speed Week August 15th thru the 20th 1999.

8/15/99 - Sam and crew depart for Bonneville.

8/16/99 - The bike passed tech inspection with no problems. The course was wet and mushy and Sam decided not to run.

8/17/99 - A new course was layed out and Sam drove it with the tow vehicle in the morning. The course was extremely rough from the 3 and a 1/2 thru the 5 mile mark. Sam decided to make a test run in the afternoon, he reached a speed of 253mph and shut down at the 3 mile mark. The bike lost about 1 quart of oil. Doug Meyer preformed a compression check and all the cylinders seemed to be OK. Sam reported that the bike ran and handled great.

8/18/99 - Sam made 2 passes. On Sam's first run he went to the 4 mile mark and turned out a speed of 277mph. He lost about 1 and a 1/2 quarts of oil. On his first run he qualified for a record but opted not to take it, he currently holds the record at 259.792mph. Sam made his second run at 6:00pm. Around the 3 and a 1/2 mile mark the wind picked up and he was blown off his line, Sam got off the throttle and turned a time of 270mph. The course was becoming rough due to runs by other vehicles, because of the roughness Sam had to maintain a slow speed untill the 3/4 mile area before he could start to accelerate. His oil loss was not checked due to the fact that it was getting late.

8/19/99 - Sam got a record in the 1350cc Fuel Class at 294mph! Samís first run was 293.234mph with a terminal speed of 301.705mph. Samís second run was 296.476mph with a terminal speed of 304.XXXmph. The course was in poor condition, especially in the first mile. Sam also had a lot of clutch slip in high gear which slowed him down during his runs.

8/20/99 - Sam and crew return home.

Sam Wheeler
Rider, Builder and Designer

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