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Speed Week 1998

Below are daily reports from The 50th Anniversary Bonneville Speed Week from August 16th to August 21st 1998.

8/16/98 - Sam Wheeler and his crew depart for Bonneville.

8/17/98 - Sam and crew arrive in Wendover Utah. The Bike passed tech inspection, but was unable to run due to rain and wind. The salt is in good condition.

8/18/98 - Sam made two test passes, running three miles each pass. The Streamliner was running on a 30% nitro and 70% alcohol mixture. Speeds for the two runs where 228MPH and 249MPH.

8/19/98 - Sam made one pass using a 50% nitro and 50% alcohol fuel mixture. Unfortunately the streamliner suffered from excessive oil loss. Sam pulled the motorcycle off the course just after the three-mile mark. Despite the problem the bike ran 261MPH, the fastest time in that short of a distance.

8/20/98 - Due to rain and oil loss out of the breather, Sam and crew have decided to return home. The engine will be sent to Muzzy’s to prepare for the September meet at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Sam Wheeler
Rider, Builder and Designer

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